Comifuro 3 – Game Cengkeh; Palawija V-3

For the last two days, I’ve participate in “Comifuro 3” event with my circle. We sell many things, ranged from buttons, card game, comic, and video game. One of the game that we sold was made by me. It’s called “Game Cengkeh; Palawija”.

To be honest, the game was a remade game, from a simple mini-game, into an rpg with some story on it. The game was remade just right before the day of the event. I just got 30 minutes sleep on that day :p

Suprisingly, the game was sold out at the event :).

Here’s some screenshot of the game.

SS Claire

Yes, the game was made in Indonesian language. I might consider to translate this to English in future release.

Credits :
– Programmer : Fatra Maulana
– Assistant : M Ilham Ghifari
– Artist : Agavi Deogo
– Storywriter : M Ridwan Gunawan Wibisono
– Airship Sprite : Liquid Temple


3 thoughts on “Comifuro 3 – Game Cengkeh; Palawija V-3

  1. dear burning wizard
    apakah game nya masih ada ? saat comifuro kemaren ane lupa beli dan sekarang baru nemu blog nya soalnya, thanks

    • Sayang sekali untuk yang hardcopy sudah habis pas Comifuro 3 kemain, dan kita belum ada rencana untuk rilis secara digital. Kalau nanti pada ikutan Comifuro lagi, pasti akan diproduksi lagi dengan konten yang lebih banyak, atau tunggu saja rilis versi digital nya (ga tahu kapan sih tapi).

      Thanks sudah berkunjung 🙂

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