Kinetic Novel Adaptation

I was making a short story years ago. Then I post the story to the web, and show it around to some people.

Then there is this user from RMID forum named zedxxx that want to try to make a Visual Novel, and he need some story for it. Then I give him my story, and he liked it. He then make a Kinetic Novel (I’d rather call it a Kinetic Novel due the choices doesn’t do much for the story) based on my short story.

It was written in Indonesian Language, and there will be no English version, since it’s not my call 🙂

Here’s some screenshot, Forum Thread, and download link.




RMID Forum Thread

You need RMVX RPT if you download it from the RMID Forum Thread, but if you download from the link that I provided (the bottom one), you can play it just fine without the RTP. Controls for the game are inside README, written in Indonesian though.

Credits :
Storywriter : Black Mage
Event Designer : zedxxx
Graphic : Enterbrain, zedxxx, DeviantArt
Music : Enterbrain, some from google
Script : Galv, Yanfly, Theo, Moghunter, Modern Algebra, Firefly

Note, if you press A (To view the game log) when the choices appear, the game will be crash.


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