Credits Script [RMVXACE] [RGSS3]

Every games has credits isn’t it. But, sometimes we confused on where to put them. Some are put them on prologue of the game, and some put them on credits roll at the end of the game. What about the people that haven’t finished the game. They’ll never see the credits. My solution is to put the credits on the title screen.

Here’s the script :
Credits Script

Put the script above “Main” Script to use it.

This script will add another option on your “Title Screen” called “Credits”.

Terms of Use:
1. This script can be used for commercial or non-commercial games, only if you credit me (Black Mage) properly.

2. Put a link back to my site (
3. Tell me about the game you made. I’ll be happy to play and review your game, assumed I have some times to spare :)

Just in case you’re still wondering, the script is licensed under Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Log Change :
Version 1.1 (18 July 2014)
– Fix some issues.
Version 1.0 (4 March 2014)
– You can add “Text” on the credits window.


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