Ludum Dare 29

And here I’m late for updating the event because too focused on participating in it.

Those 3 days were a great experience for me. Got enough of craziness doses.

The theme for Ludum Dare 29 is “Beneath The Surface”, and none of us expect that the theme is gonna be this. Then it runs in my head to separate the Surface into “Surf Ace”. And my teammates separate the Beneath into “Ben Eath”. Thus we create a game with the main character named “Ben Eath” and he want to be the “Surf Ace”.

I know the pun alone won’t give our game enough impresion, so I tried to think of some mechanics, and we run into a battle system combined with remembering some button and press it to unleash a skill. It sounds awesome though already used countless of time.

We began producing the map for the game on day 2, a huge map, 250×250, 150×150, etc. The map size was a giant!

Day 3, the map was done, now it’s time to put the great battle system. Then I realize that the map hasn’t tested yet. When I tested it, the huge map looks boring without npc and stuff to interact with. So I decided to make the game linear without the map can be explorized. Yeah, it’s a shame that the map are not used properly. The map is amazing you know! But whatever, the deadline is aproaching fast. Gotta keep move on.

The change of the explorable map into a linear one makes me need to readjust every events, and it took longer than I estimated. After I finished readjust the events, suddenly my head hurt. I got an headache when the deadlines is only about less than 10 hours remaining. Perhaps it because I eat instant noodles 3 days straight, or something else. Well, no matter what, I need to rest. Most of the content is already inside except the battle system.

I wake up several hours later, and begun adding resources from my teammates. The game was finished several hours later only using the default battle system of RPG Maker.

Though I fail on the battle system (which is unbalance when we tested it), I’m satisfied with the story my friend made. It was beautiful.

So here you go, my entry for Ludum Dare 29.

Breaking The Waves

Something2The game takes story on “Ben Eath”, the son of legendary surfer “Dave Eath”. 20 years ago, Dave Eath went missing, and Ben Eath know nothing about his father dissapearance. Now that Ben Eath is already become on of the great surfer of the sea, he began his journey in the “Seven Seas” to find whatever happen to his father.

Monkeyth has the bgm uploaded in his “SoundCloud” account in case someone interested in it.
Breaking The Waves Soundtrack : SoundCloud

Game Director : Black Mage
Story Writer : midgarsormr
Spriting : midgarsormr, metachia, RMXP RTP
Character Design : go namikaze, metachia
Artist : go namikaze, midgarsormr, Black Mage
Mapper : cirnine, Black Mage
Sounds & BGM : monkeyth, Kain Vinosec, RMXP RTP


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