The Final Boss Battle

Hi again everyone. It’s been a month since my last update. June had been a busy month for me and I had no time to post something new.

So today, I want you guys to take a look at the game I was made with my friends. The game was showed off at “Prototype Day” in late May. Yeah, I should update this a month ago, but somewhat I don’t have time for that. Anyway, here’s some screenie first.




Okay, perhaps those screenie doesn’t explain anything about the game. So let me explain a bit about the storyline. The world is doomed. The Final yet most powerful and monstrous monster are destroying the world little by little. Now all humanity unite to fight against this boss, regardless the outcome. It’s win or die.

You’re gonna play as a that have no experience of battle, even a little bit. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The entire world is with you. Now beat the Final Boss or scram. Also, remember, you’re not perepared!

The game is your usual hack and slash platforming game. Not much to talk about this, except that the game is divided into 6 chapters and you can kill the Final Boss without playing all of them. See the bar in the bottom of one of those screenshot? It’s the Final Boss health bar. Why do it displayed though this screenie is just a demo? Because you can kill it in a demo! Yeah.

Well, that aside, too bad that the development of this game is gonna halted because lack of resources. But don’t worry. Someday, when we have enough man power, I’ll revive this project.

Credits :
Game Designer : Fatra Maulana
Game Programmer : Hafizh Adi Prasetya
3D Artist : Jehan Aziz Deliar Noor
2D Artist : Caesar Sutrisna Esaputra


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