Hiya everyone. Today I want to tell you about another game that I’ve made to enter the Indie Game Maker 2014 Contest. The title is “Calcu-Late”.

TitleCalcu-Late is a game about a boy named james that need to participate in a godly olympics tournament as a representative for the goddes of mathematics, Seshat. The tournament will grant the participant a wish that they stated before the tournament starts. James is gonna take a final exam of math in his school, yet he forgot to study for it. His wish is just to pass the math finals.

The game is written in english and will consist of several puzzle and Versus-AI games.

Indie Game Maker Contest 2014 Page

Download (Mediafire)

Credits :
Engine : RMXP
Fatra Maulana : Game Director, Game Producer, Lead Designer, Lead Programmer, Storywriter, Graphic, Map Designer, Debugger
Agavi Deogo : Designer, Graphic
M. Ridwan Gunawan Wibisono : Lead Storywriter, Designer
Karina Riesling Zhang : Storywriter, Scriptwriter
Aland Baraputra : Lead Artist, Character Designer
Hafizh Medichia : Graphic
Aprialdo Yasin M. Ghassan : Graphic
Keith Kristianto Bunardy : Sound Director, BGM
Dubeales : Advanced Message Script R4

Developed by
Blazing Fanfish

Production / Copyrights
Blazing Fanfish


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