Digimon World Ace – The Lost Symbols #01

Hello everyone. I’d like to tell you guys that I’ve decided to take part on some digimon fangame project. Yeah, I’m a digimon fans for years.

Anyway, let me introduce the project a bit.


This project contains mass content from the official Digimon media, such as sprites and music. All of these contents are properties of Namco Bandai.

This is a non-commercial project made for entertainment purposes only.

Title : Digimon World Ace – The Lost Symbols DMWA Logo

Setting : The Braveheart Server
All of the action is set here. A Server in the Digital World is equivalent to a country in the real world, with the difference that it’s impossible to go from a Server to another by normal means. Braveheart is a medieval-looking Server inspired in the MMORPGs.

That’s all for introduction I think. The game will have 5 digimon on a party, and of course they can digivolve.

You can check this thread for more information.

I’m joining the the project as a storywriter, mapper, and scripter. The demo will be launch in 30 August. Stay tuned guys. 🙂

Anyway, here’s some screenies from the games. Beware that this does not reflect the final version. Some things can be changed.


Title Screen


Animated Loading Screen


Real World, featuring Tyson, our main character.


Tyson’s House


The First Explorable Area


Game Menu


Digivolution Menu




Welcome to Boot City

Boot City

Boot City Full


2 thoughts on “Digimon World Ace – The Lost Symbols #01

    • Sadly, fan project like this is illegal (or fall into gray area at best) most of the time, and it could be subjected to C&D act. The project is not going to be continued, and I hope everyone understand about the reasons.

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