Skip Message Feature Script [RMVXAce] [RGSS3]

There’s a time when we game-over-ed several times on certain game. The bad thing is, when we want to return to the place where we game-over-ed, we need to go through a lot of boring lines which we already read before. Sometimes we wondered if only we could skip these, life would become easier.

Let me introduce you to a simple script which enabling you to skip messages by only pressing one button (CTRL, in this case). It will let you skip those boring text, and will only stop when it reach options or number input.

Skip Message Feature Script

The setup is simple. Just put the script above the main script, as always. 🙂

Terms of Use:
1. This script can be used for commercial or non-commercial games, only if you credit me (Black Mage) properly.

2. Put a link back to my site (
3. Tell me about the game you made. I’ll be happy to play and review your game, assumed I have some times to spare :)

Just in case you’re still wondering, the script is licensed under Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Log Change:
Version 1.1 (19 January 2017) – Gave the script some enhanced performance.
Version 1.0 (23 April 2015) – Initial design.


One thought on “Skip Message Feature Script [RMVXAce] [RGSS3]

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