Skip Message Feature Script [RMXP] [RGSS]

There’s a time when we game-over-ed several times on certain game. The bad thing is, when we want to return to the place where we game-over-ed, we need to go through a lot of boring lines which we already read before. Sometimes we wondered if only we could skip these, life would become easier.

Let me introduce you to a simple script which enabling you to skip messages by only pressing one button (CTRL, in this case). It will let you skip those boring text, and will only stop when it reach options or number input.

Actualy, you just need to add no more than 6 line if you follow the instruction provided here. But for the sake of the people that want to use this instantly, here’s the script :

Skip Message Feature Script

The setup is simple. Just put the script above the main script, as always. 🙂

Note :
The script is incompatible with Dubealex AMS R4. If you’re using Dubealex AMS R4 and still want to use this feature, put this script below Dubealex AMS :

Skip Message Feature Script Dubealex AMS Integration

I suspect that any script that overwrite the Message_Window update method will be incompatible with this script.

Term of Use :
1. You can use it for whatever purpose you want. If you credit me for providing the basic method, I’ll appreciate it.


4 thoughts on “Skip Message Feature Script [RMXP] [RGSS]

  1. Hey there! Another awesome script, but seem to come across a problem.

    I can’t see to use it. Put it bluntly I’m pressing the CTRL button and nothing happens or even holding it and pressing the Space button… I have to continue to hit Space or Enter to continue the dialogue even with a test message to see if it works and there’s no skipping.

    I think I missed something.

    Also does this clash with the Advance Message Script by Dubleax? Considering it has a Skip Text feature (which for the life of me I can’t figure out how to use… is it button combinations or something? They don’t explain that clearly enough). Just curious as a friend of mine had the two together and it crashed the game and couldn’t work.

    Just wanted to ask.

    • Sorry forgot to say, which I could edit my post, that I was using these scripts with it:

      Your Party Changer script
      Advanced Message Script R4 by Dubealex
      Outline Text by Woratana (from the Thaiware RPG Maker Community)

      Could either the Outline Text or AMS by the problem preventing me from using it?

      Can you help?

    • It’s incompatible with Dubealex’s AMS, as we both done edits on Window_Message update method, thus creating the conflict. However, it’s possible to integrate my script to the AMS.

      Here, you can use this :

      Just put it below Dubealex AMS.

      • Oh my god it works! You are incredible, I love you so much! 😀

        Thank you again! It’s very rare to find people to make RMXP scripts nowadays as it was release 10 years ago and people moved onto VX and Ace which honestly I dislike for the sprites, tilesets, and mapping.

        XP is perfect though it does have it issues.

        Thanks once again!

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