Incolae Castella #1

It was that time of the years again, folks. Last year, me and the crew at Blazing Fanfish are entering IGMC 2014 with the game Calcu-Late. This year, the contest are back, and we’re planning to join the party. So, I’m gonna to enter IGMC 2015 with this game.

Title Incolae Castella

Synopsis You’re the last resident from Castella village. Everyone else has long gone since they went to take down the demon lord that reside near your village. One day, a sword came to you, convincing that you must defeat the demon lord. Thus, your journey begins…


  • Custom Battle System. Well, I’m not quite sure how to call this. It’s based on Active Turn Battle system anyway.
  • 6 character to choice. Yes, that’s right! We’re offering 6 character to be played in this game, with their respective ability and gameplay.
  • Great Maps. You can count on me for being the main mapper. Also, I plan to try parallax. Let’s see how this turns out.
  • Great Character & Boss Design.The Lead Designer for Calcu-Late are return to join this amazing party. Expect some great character design from him.
  • Custom Songs
  • Many Custom Mechanics to be announced.


  • Castella Village 001 - Desa2


Project Leader : Black Mage

Lead Artist : Aland Baraputra

Sound Director : Keith K Bunardy

Programmer : Black Mage

Storywriter : Black Mage, midgarsormr, Karina Riesling Zhang

Scripwriter : Karina Riesling Zhang

Mapper : Black Mage

Tilesets Used :

  • Candacis’s Tilesets
  • Celianna’s “Fantastic Buildings: Medieval” Tilesets
  • Celianna’s Member+ Exclusive Resources
  • Pandamaru’s Tilesets

Stay tune for the next news about this game! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Incolae Castella #1

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