Incolae Castella #2

Update! For Incolae Castella.

Well, first off. I’d like to announce that we’re cutting 3 characters from the game. It’s due the rules of IGMC where the judge are only obligated to play the game around 1 hours, and we’re sure that if there’s 6 characters to play, not all feature from our game would be explored, so we need to limit our-self.

But don’t worry. Those 3 character will surely get developed once IGMC finished. We’ve been making their gameplay and things related to them, so it’ll be a waste if we’re just throwing them away.

And that’s for the bad news. Let’s jump in for the real update.

The art team are going late for a bit due one and another things. But we’re having several concept art ready. Wait until most of them finished and I’ll be sure to show it to you guys. 🙂

The story team have finished most of the main story. All that’s left is just to cover some hole and making the script. Also, there’s some character building that need to be done.

The sound team are still preparing. They will do their job last, as usual. :p

The core team are finished creating the main gameplay of the game. Now they’re going to list some mechanics that’s the programmer (me) need to implement. We’ll reveal the gameplay and the feature at the later date when a demo is ready.

So when most of team have almost nothing to show right now, I proudly present you guys with some map updates. Please bear with it. 🙂

1. Starting Point

002 - Mini Dungeon 2

Yes, you guys read that right. This map is the starting point for the main character. North is connected to the village, while south is connected to dungeons. Tutorials will be held here, so the player can grasp the basic system of the game. It’s just a simple pathway, I guess.

2. Houses

Black Smith 004 - Dukun 2 003 - Tukang Sayur 23 picture listed above are the houses for our main characters. I won’t tell you guys more than this, because I’ll reveal the rest when the art team finished the design of all our main characters.

That’s all for this update. I’ll start creating maps for the dungeon and implementing some gimmick. Wish me luck.

Feel free to leave a suggestion or comment regarding this game. Stay tune for more info, guys. 🙂

#Tilesets Used List Updates

  • Candacis’s Resources
  • Pandamaru’s Resources
  • Ayene’s Resources
  • Sherman3D’s “Dungeon & Volcanoes Tiles Resource Pack”
  • Sherman3D’s “Evil Castle Tiles Resource Pack”
  • Sherman3D’s “Halloween Tiles Resource Pack”
  • Celianna’s “RPG Maker Fantastic Buildings: Medieval”
  • Celianna’s “Member+ Exclusive Resources”
  • Celianna’s “Adventure Tile Starter”
  • Celianna’s “RPG Maker Rural Farm Tiles Resource Pack”
  • Lunarea’s “Humble Bundle Exclusive Resources”

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