RMMV Engine Porting Test

In the recent month, I’ve been doing some experiment using the newest RPG Maker engine, the RPG Maker MV. Many stuff happened, from learning javascript up to learning how to use the android SDK, or starting to use command prompt again :p .

Long story short, I was making a remake of my old game, The Last One. It was ported into several platform and I’ll have them reviewed separately.

One of the best part of RPG Maker MV is it’s ability to port the game into Browser, Android, and iOS platform. The first thing I tried is to export the game into browser version. I upload this version into gamejolt. When I tried to play it, there’s no noise come from the game. I realized that the ported version didn’t have any of the sound from the original game project, so I need to copy and paste them manually to the browser package. Another problem is that I can’t resize the game window inside the browser, so there’s some adjustment to be done in order to play it perfectly fine on full screen.

This leads to a matter that when you’re developing a browser version game using RPG Maker MV engine, you need to make sure that the screen size is fin on a browser, considering every element of the game page where you’ll put your game on.

The 2nd platform that I taste is the Android. Before the porting begin, I need several tools outside of RPG Maker MV to do the porting. I’m quite dissapointed that the porting doesn’t done automatically. But well, it’s acceptable since we’re going to do a cross platform and it’s not an easy task to made it automated. However, the Android SDK tools (and his add-ons) that’s needed to perform the porting is around 10 GBs. It’s quite big and I have to wait for several hours to download them. However, that’s not the main problem of this platform. We’ll skip and let’s say that I’ve finished to set the environment for porting and everything is done beautifully. The problem lies on playing the game.

So I put the ported game on google play store, and had several of my friend test it. I forgot the details, but let’s say that they’re using Android version A, B, and C; where version C is version 5; and version A and B is version 4; where version B > version A. The game works well on version B, but didn’t compatible on version A (there’s a pop up that saying the game can’t run on that version). This is expected due it’s being a lower version compared to the former. However, the game lags on version C, which is the latest version on all three device. This is weird and we can’t determine the problem, thus we declare that the Android version is isn’t stable yet.

Oh, it can’t play OGG files. And it has a problem with google store for version that I can’t explain in details. Check this thread for details and just message me if you want to know how to solve it.

The last platform that I tried is our beloved PC. Just a click and the game package is ready to be distributed. However, the filesize jump from around 10MBs into 100MBs. And when I check, its around 40 MBs for an executable only, and another 40MBs for the library. This means however small your game is, it’ll always take around 50MBs up to 100MBs. If you compared to an RPG Maker XP version of this game, which is only around 3~5MBs, it’s quite a large files going on around there.

And that’s all of my report of using RPG Maker MV. I guess I’m not going to use this engine in the near future. Perhaps several years later or not at all. I’ll stick with RPG Maker XP and RPG Maker VX Ace in the meantime.


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