Adventure Journal Rank 3 (Tree of Savior)

2016 - 08 - 17

2016 – 08 – 17

Two months and three weeks (almost) is the total of days I’ve spent playing this game, and today I became rank 3 in Adventure¬† Journal Rank in the Zemyna server. The Adventure Journal Rank is determined by how many adventure point you gather. Those points are come from map exploration, crafting items, killing every monster you see, and much more. Basically, the more game contents you found, the more points you get.

However, those Adventure Journal Rank means nothing. You didn’t get a thing except a statue for rank 1 through 5;¬† and for rank 1, each time a player press F4 (to access the Adventure Journal), you can see the rank 1 name and their point. Just a bit of fame, I think.


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