Earth Tower Introduction (Tree of Savior)

2016 - 07 - 13

2016 – 07 – 13

And when I thought my journey has come to an end. There’s still the last dungeon I yet haven’t conquered. The Earth Tower. On the screen, there’s a red tower standing. That’s the Earth Tower. While its appearance is similar to any other dungeon exist in the game, believe me, this one is the real deal. Earth Tower consist of 20 floors, and you can only enter it with a party, where a party consist up to 5 players. Each floor has their own mechanics on how to clear them, though they have a similar mechanic in modulo 5.

In my early days of tackling the Earth Tower, I’m an additional Elelock (a nickname for my character build) since I don’t have a permanent party because of most of the time, I play solo. I usually team up with a permanent team consist of player Tianshi (Monk), Smookypokie (Dragoon) and Meyling (She has a lot of available characters). However, due to the nature difficulty of Earth Tower and constant failure on tackling it, the team seemed lost motivation and ended up disbanded.


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