Joined Annihilate Guild (Tree of Savior)

Around this time, there’s a new patch that introduces a Guild versus Guild system, abbreviated GvG. Because most of ToS Iseng Lolwut’s members is currently inactive, I leave the guild to join a more active guild and participate in a competitive GvG. Currently, there’s BRUTALATOR (considered to be the strongest guild at the moment, for several reasons), Ace, Einscrad, and Annihilate that’s considered as major powerhouse guild on Zemyna, and to participate in a competitive GvG, I think I must join one of them.

I choose not to side with Ace, due to some history we have. Nothing bad, but it just won’t easily work, I think.

BRUTALATOR is a fine choice at the moment. However, it’s a fact that majority of their members is an RMT player (not that I despise them), and since I’m not that eager to spend much money for the game, I think I won’t fit with them. Here’s the second reason. I want the guild that I join, become the number 1 GvG guild in Zemyna (or in both Indonesian server, since the GvG is held on cross-server). What’s the point if the guild where I join is already number 1 guild even from just de facto?

Now we’re down to just Einscrad and Annihilate. Einscrad is famous for their antagonist act. It’s not uncommon to see a member of their got in quarrel with another player in the shout (shout is an in-game message system where everyone can see the message content as long as they’re logging in when the shout is sent), and most of the time, the conflict leads to a war with another guild. Rude as they might be, I think they deserve to act that way, as they often emerge as the winner of the war (yes, I know there’s no way do determine a winner of ToS war, but we sure can see how the war affect both guilds, and draw some conclusion), if not always. Extra points, the co-founder (or top officer, if they’re not) are my colleagues.

In the end, I send my application to Annihilate. The reason why I’m not choosing Einscrad is just because I don’t want to be associated with a bunch of trouble-maker, lol (they did go calm in the future, however). But what’s is the reason for Annihilate to be picked, aside from that the other choices are already scratched? Well, it’s simple actually. Remember the war between Ace and Imperial? There are several players that I know joining Ace just for the sake of helping in the war, and they left for almost the same reason with me. Some of these players then found Annihilate. Also, remember MILF? Remnants of MILF that’s still playing are also joining Annihilate after the disbandment. That’s enough reason for me to strengthen my choice.


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