Tried an Enchant Scroll (Tree of Savior ID)

2016 - 07 - 06

2016 – 07 – 06

So, there’s this item named enchant scroll that can give your hair-accessory-type equipment an additional stat. I used one on my Luxury Hairpin, and look at those weird statuses.

For your information, a magic based attack can’t crit. All wizard class attacks are magic based. Why the hell is that Luxury Hairpin increase magic attack and critical attack altogether!?

Actually, the equipment made sense if used by a Paladin or Monk (there’s also Inquisitor, but the class comes much later in the future) since they come from cleric class that uses a lot of magic skills, but the class also has skills that produce physical damage that can crit. However, it’s too far-fetched since those classes tend to utilize just their physical attack rather than their magical one, thus render the magic attack status from the equipment (or rather, my Luxury Hairpin) useless.


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