Guilds Formed an Alliance To Fight Against Cheaters (Tree of Savior)

2016 - 10 - 21

2016 – 10 – 21

Let me start with GvG. In GvG, 2 guilds are picked up from the GvG queue and their respective guild master are transferred into a specific map (the terrain is always the same). The member then can proceed to join their guild master or just pretend like nothing happened and continued their activity. The guild members that transferred to the GvG map are going to fight (PvP) against an opposing guild until a guild tower is destroyed or the time limit is up.

Here’s the thing. A guild is restricted to only send a total of 15 players (including a guild master) in a GvG match. The game system gives a warning if a player is about to join the GvG when there’s already 15 members of his respective guild in the map. The UI also show how much member of a guild inside a GvG match via this format: X/15, where X is the amount of members of a respective guild in a GvG match. Everything seems fine until a player (or two) caught the infamous number 1 guild, BRUTALATOR, is sending more than 20 members in each GvG match by abusing a bug. The player proved his claim with screenshots.

The community erupts. It’s the second time that a bug cause a huge commotion among players (this being the first one), and guild BRUTALATOR is affiliated in both of the scenes. The bug is easily avoidable by several methods, and yet the abuse still happened and used by BRUTALATOR. Due to their infamous reputation as many of their member involved in an RMT scenes and following these obscene acts, the crowd began to accuse them as cheaters. Their member event taunts other players to form a guild match against them in GvG, while they’re not even considering themselves at fault here.

It’s dead clear that it’s very hard to fight against 15 extreme geared players in GvG. Let alone a fight against 20, or even worse, 30 players against 15 or less. A player with lodge Zha starts a discussion that yields to a result that we need to form a guild that consists of ace players to fight against this indecency, using the same cheat to bring the fight to an even ground, “more than 15 versus more than 15”.

The preceding picture is taken when the guild is formed. The major guilds that contribute with the founding of this guild are FOREMOST, Ace, and Annihilate (there’s in fact, several another guild but I left them out due to the obvious reason).

And the war begins. To cut the long talk, I’ll go straight to the result. We won the first week by gaining more wins than BRUTALATOR in each of our encounters. On the second week, we leave the guild and return to our respective guild for a week. We resumed the alliance again on the third week. This time another major guild, Einscrad, is joining our forces. The result is a flawless victory.

We broke the alliance after the third week GvG is finished because we can’t keep this act for a longer term since the objective is already achieved. To win against BRUTALATOR. We won for 2 weeks when the alliance is formed. There’s no need for the third week of alliances.

Yes, the result of this alliance is just that we prove that a bunch of ace players is better than a bunch of RMTs and cheaters when fought on almost an equal number of participant. It doesn’t solve the main problem since BRUTALATOR is still abusing the system, and boasting however they want. But at least the crew that joins the alliance is happy with the results.


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