Peoples are getting 280, and I’m still 262!? (Tree of Savior)

I’ve seen several players reached level 280. Meanwhile, I’m still stuck at Storage map grinding all my way to the current maximum level cap.

There’s an event held by the publisher where a new account created after a certain date (forgot the actual date) will receive a prize if they meet several level criteria when the event ended. There’s also a special prize for ten of those new accounts that reach level 280 earlier than the others.

Now meet Dacy, Cat’s new account. It’s level 280 already, while I’m still 262. I ask why the new account, and the answer is to participate in the event. Here’s the fun fact: It’s not more than a few days (around 2 or 3) when the first peoples (or team) reach level 280. So yeah, this Dacy (Cat) sure is a hardcore one.


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