Oracle of Forgotten Testament 2nd Demo!

We’ve finished a 2nd Demo for Oracle of Forgotten Testament! The demo is actually published on 24 June at Dragon Emperors Tumblr. However, because I was too busy with several things, I’m late on announcing it here and just got time to do it today.

A few notable things added to the demo is:

New opening scene

The old opening scene is a black scene where the narrator spit some random epigraph (I’ll confess, I’m the one that made the random epigraph). However in this new opening scene, we know that it’s Akyuu that told those line, as she’s composing an epigraph for her new book, which is hinted to be contented with the story of the entire game.

Battle & System Tutorial

The first demo didn’t tell player how to do stuff. We just left straight on the quick action time based battle system and we got some complain about that. After some discussion about the battle system, we decided to put some tutorial about the features on the battle system.

Menu Interface

There’s almost no menu at all in the first demo. That’s just because we didn’t have a time to make the UI. For the last few months, we’ve been working all out on designing and refining the menu. Hope you all like it. 🙂

I think that’s all I can tell about this new demo. You can download the demo here:

Touhou – Oracle of Forgotten Testament 2nd Demo (Mediafire)



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