Oracle of Forgotten Testament 3rd Demo

Whoa, it’s been months since my last post again. Some stuff are happening, thus hinder me on updating this site.

So, this post topic is about Oracle of Forgotten Testament 3rd demo. However I need to confess something. Actually, Continue reading


Oracle of Forgotten Testament 2nd Demo!

We’ve finished a 2nd Demo for Oracle of Forgotten Testament! The demo is actually published on 24 June at Dragon Emperors Tumblr. However, because I was too busy with several things, I’m late on announcing it here and just got time to do it today.

A few notable things added to the demo is: Continue reading

Fast Travel Script [RMVXA] [RGSS3]

Fast travel is a concept where you have several locations in a map (Usually this map is called an overworld map) and by selecting one of those locations, you’re transported to their respective location.

I need fast travel script in my recent project, so I do some search for them. Most of them were good enough. However, there’s a problem. My map is big enough that they won’t fit on the screen. Resizing the map could solve the problem but make several locations that are very close to each other looks like just one location on the resized map. And that’s the background story of this script.

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