Script Update, RMVXA Skip Message Script

It turns out that when using my Skip Message Script on RMVXA, it’s faster to skip through messages by tapping space button rather than holding the CTRL. This made the script inferior and not a decent option to use. Worry not, as I’ve updated the script so that when you hold the CTRL button, it’ll behave the same way like when the space button is tapped.

Another update to this script is, the ability to dismiss “\.” and “\|” code when you’re holding CTRL. The old version of this script is still running the codes because I’m only invented the skip message for simple message, and forgot to pay attention on these codes.


Guilds Formed an Alliance To Fight Against Cheaters (Tree of Savior)

2016 - 10 - 21

2016 – 10 – 21

Let me start with GvG. In GvG, 2 guilds are picked up from the GvG queue and their respective guild master are transferred into a specific map (the terrain is always the same). The member then can proceed to join their guild master or just pretend like nothing happened and continued their activity. The guild members that transferred to the GvG map are going to fight (PvP) against an opposing guild until a guild tower is destroyed or the time limit is up.

Here’s the thing. A guild is restricted to only send a total of 15 players (including a guild master) in a GvG match. The game system gives a warning if a player is about to join the GvG when there’s already 15 members of his respective guild in the map. The UI also show how much member of a guild inside a GvG match via this format: X/15, where X is the amount of members of a respective guild in a GvG match. Everything seems fine until a player (or two) caught the infamous number 1 guild, BRUTALATOR, is sending more than 20 members in each GvG match by abusing a bug. The player proved his claim with screenshots.

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Peoples are getting 280, and I’m still 262!? (Tree of Savior)

I’ve seen several players reached level 280. Meanwhile, I’m still stuck at Storage map grinding all my way to the current maximum level cap.

There’s an event held by the publisher where a new account created after a certain date (forgot the actual date) will receive a prize if they meet several level criteria when the event ended. There’s also a special prize for ten of those new accounts that reach level 280 earlier than the others.

Now meet Dacy, Cat’s new account. It’s level 280 already, while I’m still 262. I ask why the new account, and the answer is to participate in the event. Here’s the fun fact: It’s not more than a few days (around 2 or 3) when the first peoples (or team) reach level 280. So yeah, this Dacy (Cat) sure is a hardcore one.