I’ll release some my script that I used on my game here on this page. I might take request or commission, but only if I feel like it. So, don’t hope much from me ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ll only work on RGSS, RGSS3, and RMMV Plugin.

The script will be listed alphabetically.

RMXP Script (RGSS)

RMVXAce Script (RGSS3)

RMMV Plugin


17 thoughts on “Script

  1. Hello again! Sorry to bother you once more, but I’m hoping you can help me friend out. He has his battles set up to have his partner members put into a “Watching” state which is treated as “KO’d” status and so any reviving items he has will take them out of the Watching state.

    So my request is can you make a “Petrify Script” where the members are put into a petrified or stone-like state and revive items don’t work on them? It would help him cover this issue with story fights and the large party due to the story and would be great to have!

    Kinda hard to find XP Scripts I’m looking for VX or VX Ace one take 1st priority which is annoying. Please and thank you!

    • I think it can be easily created in the database.

      How to create Petrify state :
      Open the database. Go to States tab. Create a states with restriction can’t move (you can name it petrify), and you’re done.

      I think the states tab has all stuff that you need for making the petrify state. Unless there’s something that can’t be done with those state options alone, there’s no need for me to make a petrify script. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The problem with that is the Enemies STILL attacking the “petrified” party members this way.

        With how my friend setup his battles he originally treated the “Watching” status effect with the state “HP is 0” and so revive items work just as well… unless there’s another state I missed to prevent that.

        He wants to keep the special story solo battles and not have to worry about his 30+ party members being removed out of the party for it and just inflict the “Petrify” state to have it just between the single member and single enemy instead of the enemy attacking ALL of the members.

  2. A shame there’s no other way around to prevent the “Watching” status effect he has set up without the Revive Items getting in the way otherwise he could leave it as is. Or prevent the enemies from attacking the “Petrified” members which can’t be done with the default settings in XP.

    I looked into MV and noticed you CAN setup a Petrified status like you mentioned here and Revive Items won’t be a problem, except for the fact that enemies will STILL attack those “petrified” members and I want them to not do THAT and have the Petrified status be treated as a special “Knockout” status where if all of the members have them or a combination of both KO’d and Petrified.

    Anyway sorry to bug you, but do you think you could help with this? Make it so this status effect in XP cannot be REVIVE by Reviving Items AND enemies not attacking the “non-fighting” members as well as treating it as another “Knockout” status?

  3. Hey there! Long time no see and I hope this new year has been kind to you.

    Sorry to jump right into this, but I wanted to ask… do you know any good scripts that focus on increasing the Boss’ HP/SP levels past the default limit of RMXP? Seems like finding a proper one to work right has been tricky.

    Well that’s it for now. Anyway notice that you started to work on RMMV on your front page blog post, how is it? Haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet, but I hope you enjoy using the new RPG Maker.

    Take care! ^_^

    • Well, I’m too lazy to search, and never used one. So here’s a quick script for your problem ๐Ÿ™‚
      It was made in hurry, so just report if something goes wrong.

      About the RMMV, I guess it’s too soon for me to develop using it. Many problem still arose on the finished project. You can see the full report on the post you saw.

      Well, I hope your project goes well. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • You are truly an amazing person to have on up so fast! I envy you skills. ^_^

        I see. RMMV does look like an impressive RPG maker, but I feel like there’s still a few things holding it back and I hope they can be address soon.

        To me RMXP will always be the better RM overall due to its Mapping System. Why they don’t reuse that and improve it is beyond me.

        I’ll let you know if something’s up with the script! Thanks once again!

  4. Nice post ! Keep it up !

  5. What are the terms of use for these scripts?

    • You can check the therm of use for each page on their respective page. Most of them (if not all) have the same term of use, which is free as long as proper credit is given.

  6. Hello! I’ve been trying to figure out how to put in blue magic in my project for Satori (while being a shout-out to another TH RPG) and I haven’t really been able to find something I seem able to use for XP, or at least something for someone’s who’s sort of blind when it comes to scripting. The idea would be that she learns skills from enemies whether from random encounters or boss fights.

    May I ask if there’s any tips you’d have for me please? I’ve figured I can simply use events to make specific encounters to learn skills but at the same time it would be the same.

    • Maybe you can start to specify your problem, explain how the system works, and how far your progress is. I’m a bit lost on what tips I should give. Is it about eventing/scripting or just an idea on how those blue magic should behave?

      • Oh right my bad. There’s nothing too special about the battle system I’m using, mainly using default settings from XP. Basically the idea for blue magic would be the average idea of having a character learn a specific skill when an enemy uses it on them. Final Fantasy’s Blue Magic system from older games would be the typical example.

        I guess the issue is mostly about eventing/scripting since I’ve been trying to figure it a way to make it work but I haven’t been having much success so far. I did look into trying to find scripts and I did try figuring them out but a big issue is that, unlike your scripts that have easy and straightforward information that even I can use, most scripts I stumble on online typically assumes the user has some prior knowledge on how to use scripts.

        I guess what I had in mind is asking for any possible tips or help that could come up in mind.

  7. Ah, nope, that wasn’t one of the scripts I tried. I just finished giving it a shot and it’s been working perfectly well after I found that fix in the thread. Thank you very much for taking the time to help me with this, I really appreciate it since that’s something I was worried about being unable to add into the game.

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