Announcement For 2016

So, 2015 is a messy time in my work history. Lot’s of stuff happened, and I’ll announce several things regarding of that.

Cursed Wish, One For All & All For One, Breaking The Waves, Sell Phone,Β  Incolae Castella, are on hiatus due many of the team member need to focus on their real life for a while. I’ll give a new announcement regarding this matter around June or July. I’ll still work on it in the mean time, but I’ll focus on lesser stuff first.

Digimon World Ace, are on hiatus for undefined time. The project leader are having serious health problem and need to do some treatment for a long time. I’m not sure if the project will be continued. Still, it’s sad to lose this amazing project. T_T

The Final Boss Battle, will be hiatus until everything else is completed.

I’ll try to finish many project as I can for this years. It’s been a long time since I felt productive. In the mean time, enjoy this house of new project that I’ve made.

Srini Exterior

P.S. Don’t worry, none of them will be abandoned, as I strive to complete every project I ever took on.




So, the captain of this project had decided to put some massive update regarding to the content.
You can read the full article here. But I’ll write some summaries to ease some of you.

1. Graphic Improvement.
We got a new artist to help us on theΒ  graphics. Here’s a sample of her works for DMWA.
Yep, the guy got some expression ready for the game. πŸ™‚
Also, here’s her DA if you’re interested with her other works.

2. Original Music.
Yes, you read that right. We’re joined by a musician, ready to offer his work to a franchise he love. Here’s some sample of the sounds.

– 01 – Server City

– 02 – Competitive Spirit! (Tournament Battle)

– 03 – Ashita Wa Atashi No Kaze Ga Fuku (Slow Arrangement)


3. Gameplay Improvement.
There’s several updates on gameplay and battle system.
The graphics is also improved. πŸ™‚

4. Release Info.
I’ll just quoting directly from the blog.

“Indeed, we have plans on releasing a second demo. This demo should feature more story, hours of playtime, and all the improvements we’ve made. But, at least for now, I won’t say when or if it’s close or not. Stay tuned to this page and I’ll let you know when it’s coming.”

So that’s it. Keep watching the page for news and announcement, and join the discussion on several forum with us. Perhaps some of us might spill the bean. πŸ˜‰

RMN Game Page

GDU Game Page

RMW Forum Thread

Digimon World Ace – The Lost Symbols #01

Hello everyone. I’d like to tell you guys that I’ve decided to take part on some digimon fangame project. Yeah, I’m a digimon fans for years.

Anyway, let me introduce the project a bit.


This project contains mass content from the official Digimon media, such as sprites and music. All of these contents are properties of Namco Bandai.

This is a non-commercial project made for entertainment purposes only.

Title : Digimon World Ace – The Lost Symbols DMWA Logo

Setting : The Braveheart Server
All of the action is set here. A Server in the Digital World is equivalent to a country in the real world, with the difference that it’s impossible to go from a Server to another by normal means. Braveheart is a medieval-looking Server inspired in the MMORPGs.

That’s all for introduction I think. The game will have 5 digimon on a party, and of course they can digivolve.

You can check thisΒ thread for more information.

I’m joining the the project as a storywriter, mapper, and scripter. The demo will be launch in 30 August. Stay tuned guys. πŸ™‚

Anyway, here’s some screenies from the games. Beware that this does not reflect the final version. Some things can be changed.

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