2018! Well, Yeah It’s February Now

Hi again folks. A lot of stuff happened, and I can’t find a time to post a “Happy 2018” post properly. So, anyway Happy 2018!

There’s several stuff I want to talk about my projects. Actually, A LOT.

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Announcement For 2016

So, 2015 is a messy time in my work history. Lot’s of stuff happened, and I’ll announce several things regarding of that.

Cursed Wish, One For All & All For One, Breaking The Waves, Sell Phone,  Incolae Castella, are on hiatus due many of the team member need to focus on their real life for a while. I’ll give a new announcement regarding this matter around June or July. I’ll still work on it in the mean time, but I’ll focus on lesser stuff first.

Digimon World Ace, are on hiatus for undefined time. The project leader are having serious health problem and need to do some treatment for a long time. I’m not sure if the project will be continued. Still, it’s sad to lose this amazing project. T_T

The Final Boss Battle, will be hiatus until everything else is completed.

I’ll try to finish many project as I can for this years. It’s been a long time since I felt productive. In the mean time, enjoy this house of new project that I’ve made.

Srini Exterior

P.S. Don’t worry, none of them will be abandoned, as I strive to complete every project I ever took on.

Comic Frontier 6

Hi again guys. It’s been a month since the last post.

This month I was attending an event called Comic Frontier 6. I was too busy so that I even forgot to post something about it on this site. Lol. So, yeah. The event has ended, and this post will summarized a bit about what I’m doing there and some other stuff. 🙂

So, I’m attending the event as one of the GCT members. We’re opening a booth there, selling games and other stuff. Visitors can try the game right on the booth, and decided whether they want to buy it or not. Yes, we’re a very generous person to let you play even for several hours or until you beat the game :p

Here’s a shoot of our booth several hours before the event ended. Yes, some of the stuff is already sold out.

Comifuro 6Photo Credit : Comic Frontier 6 Cameraman

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Incolae Castella #2

Update! For Incolae Castella.

Well, first off. I’d like to announce that we’re cutting 3 characters from the game. It’s due the rules of IGMC where the judge are only obligated to play the game around 1 hours, and we’re sure that if there’s 6 characters to play, not all feature from our game would be explored, so we need to limit our-self.

But don’t worry. Those 3 character will surely get developed once IGMC finished. We’ve been making their gameplay and things related to them, so it’ll be a waste if we’re just throwing them away.

And that’s for the bad news. Let’s jump in for the real update.

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Incolae Castella #1

It was that time of the years again, folks. Last year, me and the crew at Blazing Fanfish are entering IGMC 2014 with the game Calcu-Late. This year, the contest are back, and we’re planning to join the party. So, I’m gonna to enter IGMC 2015 with this game.

Title Incolae Castella

Synopsis You’re the last resident from Castella village. Everyone else has long gone since they went to take down the demon lord that reside near your village. One day, a sword came to you, convincing that you must defeat the demon lord. Thus, your journey begins…


  • Custom Battle System. Well, I’m not quite sure how to call this. It’s based on Active Turn Battle system anyway.
  • 6 character to choice. Yes, that’s right! We’re offering 6 character to be played in this game, with their respective ability and gameplay.
  • Great Maps. You can count on me for being the main mapper. Also, I plan to try parallax. Let’s see how this turns out.
  • Great Character & Boss Design.The Lead Designer for Calcu-Late are return to join this amazing party. Expect some great character design from him.
  • Custom Songs
  • Many Custom Mechanics to be announced.


  • Castella Village 001 - Desa2


Project Leader : Black Mage

Lead Artist : Aland Baraputra

Sound Director : Keith K Bunardy

Programmer : Black Mage

Storywriter : Black Mage, midgarsormr, Karina Riesling Zhang

Scripwriter : Karina Riesling Zhang

Mapper : Black Mage

Tilesets Used :

  • Candacis’s Tilesets
  • Celianna’s “Fantastic Buildings: Medieval” Tilesets
  • Celianna’s Member+ Exclusive Resources
  • Pandamaru’s Tilesets

Stay tune for the next news about this game! 🙂