Forest of Magic 01

It’s been a while since the last time I show you some of my map works. The last one is around 2015, I think. Here’s a new Map that I just finished today.


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Incolae Castella #2

Update! For Incolae Castella.

Well, first off. I’d like to announce that we’re cutting 3 characters from the game. It’s due the rules of IGMC where the judge are only obligated to play the game around 1 hours, and we’re sure that if there’s 6 characters to play, not all feature from our game would be explored, so we need to limit our-self.

But don’t worry. Those 3 character will surely get developed once IGMC finished. We’ve been making their gameplay and things related to them, so it’ll be a waste if we’re just throwing them away.

And that’s for the bad news. Let’s jump in for the real update.

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Incolae Castella #1

It was that time of the years again, folks. Last year, me and the crew at Blazing Fanfish are entering IGMC 2014 with the game Calcu-Late. This year, the contest are back, and we’re planning to join the party. So, I’m gonna to enter IGMC 2015 with this game.

Title Incolae Castella

Synopsis You’re the last resident from Castella village. Everyone else has long gone since they went to take down the demon lord that reside near your village. One day, a sword came to you, convincing that you must defeat the demon lord. Thus, your journey begins…


  • Custom Battle System. Well, I’m not quite sure how to call this. It’s based on Active Turn Battle system anyway.
  • 6 character to choice. Yes, that’s right! We’re offering 6 character to be played in this game, with their respective ability and gameplay.
  • Great Maps. You can count on me for being the main mapper. Also, I plan to try parallax. Let’s see how this turns out.
  • Great Character & Boss Design.The Lead Designer for Calcu-Late are return to join this amazing party. Expect some great character design from him.
  • Custom Songs
  • Many Custom Mechanics to be announced.


  • Castella Village 001 - Desa2


Project Leader : Black Mage

Lead Artist : Aland Baraputra

Sound Director : Keith K Bunardy

Programmer : Black Mage

Storywriter : Black Mage, midgarsormr, Karina Riesling Zhang

Scripwriter : Karina Riesling Zhang

Mapper : Black Mage

Tilesets Used :

  • Candacis’s Tilesets
  • Celianna’s “Fantastic Buildings: Medieval” Tilesets
  • Celianna’s Member+ Exclusive Resources
  • Pandamaru’s Tilesets

Stay tune for the next news about this game! 🙂

A Nice Town Indeed :P

It’s been a long time since I last do some mapping. This time, I’m including some character and some special effect, to make the map seems lively. Either that or I made a mess :p

Here’s the map, I hope you guys like it. 🙂

Credits :
– Ayene’s Tiles
– Kaduki’s Charset
– RPG Maker VX Ace RTP

Map Hebat

Digimon World Ace – The Lost Symbols #01

Hello everyone. I’d like to tell you guys that I’ve decided to take part on some digimon fangame project. Yeah, I’m a digimon fans for years.

Anyway, let me introduce the project a bit.


This project contains mass content from the official Digimon media, such as sprites and music. All of these contents are properties of Namco Bandai.

This is a non-commercial project made for entertainment purposes only.

Title : Digimon World Ace – The Lost Symbols DMWA Logo

Setting : The Braveheart Server
All of the action is set here. A Server in the Digital World is equivalent to a country in the real world, with the difference that it’s impossible to go from a Server to another by normal means. Braveheart is a medieval-looking Server inspired in the MMORPGs.

That’s all for introduction I think. The game will have 5 digimon on a party, and of course they can digivolve.

You can check this thread for more information.

I’m joining the the project as a storywriter, mapper, and scripter. The demo will be launch in 30 August. Stay tuned guys. 🙂

Anyway, here’s some screenies from the games. Beware that this does not reflect the final version. Some things can be changed.

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Artsy Mapping Contest

So, I’m seeing an Artsy Mapping Contest event announced on RMW forum. So I thought, why not, let’s enter some map.


That’s right, you gusy might realizes that some of the tilesets is similar to the one from Cursed Wish’s school. Yeah, I’m using it for this contest. I added a lot of new tilesets too. Maybe I’ll used this on next update of Cursed Wish.

About the character in the screenshot, they are Claire and Shula from Cursed Wish too. Just saying, there’s no scene like this in the actual Cursed Wish. Let’s say that they’re just playing… with blood and stuff.