Fast Travel Script [RMVXA] [RGSS3]

Fast travel is a concept where you have several locations in a map (Usually this map is called an overworld map) and by selecting one of those locations, you’re transported to their respective location.

I need fast travel script in my recent project, so I do some search for them. Most of them were good enough. However, there’s a problem. My map is big enough that they won’t fit on the screen. Resizing the map could solve the problem but make several locations that are very close to each other looks like just one location on the resized map. And that’s the background story of this script.

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Script Update, RMVXA Skip Message Script

It turns out that when using my Skip Message Script on RMVXA, it’s faster to skip through messages by tapping space button rather than holding the CTRL. This made the script inferior and not a decent option to use. Worry not, as I’ve updated the script so that when you hold the CTRL button, it’ll behave the same way like when the space button is tapped.

Another update to this script is, the ability to dismiss “\.” and “\|” code when you’re holding CTRL. The old version of this script is still running the codes because I’m only invented the skip message for simple message, and forgot to pay attention on these codes.

Skip Message Feature Script [RMVXAce] [RGSS3]

There’s a time when we game-over-ed several times on certain game. The bad thing is, when we want to return to the place where we game-over-ed, we need to go through a lot of boring lines which we already read before. Sometimes we wondered if only we could skip these, life would become easier.

Let me introduce you to a simple script which enabling you to skip messages by only pressing one button (CTRL, in this case). It will let you skip those boring text, and will only stop when it reach options or number input.

Skip Message Feature Script

The setup is simple. Just put the script above the main script, as always. 🙂

Terms of Use:
1. This script can be used for commercial or non-commercial games, only if you credit me (Black Mage) properly.

2. Put a link back to my site (
3. Tell me about the game you made. I’ll be happy to play and review your game, assumed I have some times to spare :)

Just in case you’re still wondering, the script is licensed under Attribution 3.0 Unported.

Log Change:
Version 1.1 (19 January 2017) – Gave the script some enhanced performance.
Version 1.0 (23 April 2015) – Initial design.

Party Changer Menu Script (Lizzie S Style) [RMVXAce] [RGSS3]

So, I find this great script, created by Leon_Westbrook or known as Lizzie S (The current name. I think he’s changing it for several times) on the forum. The script was originally made for RMXP. Apparently, someone is requesting a similar script but for RMVXAce. Seeing the request, and that I also like Lizzie’s script, I decided to make one for RMVXAce.

The script is giving you an access to some party changer menu system, with the current party and reserve party, plus an extra “Character Lock” feature (which all is available on Lizzie’s script).

Additional info:
– When you have exactly 1 party, the script is disabling you to remove him/her from the party.

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