Tree of Savior Sanctuary 2

Tree of Savior is an MMORPG developed by IMC Games. It got released in my country around mid-2016, and I began to play it since then. The game has it’s potential in many aspects, but it’s still far from perfect. I’d like to see a time where the game became another legend as it’s deemed as the spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online, an MMORPG that became a legend on its own.

This page is meant to be a place where I put my progress on the game, whether it’s a screenshot or a video format. I’m playing the game on Zemyna only, an Indonesian server, under the lodge Jabberwock.

Part 1.
Part 2.

The latest matk of my warlock. Yes, this is obtained through Chappa stacking.

The infamous Agny Necklace patch has arrived at our server. Look at how many pyros were in the grinding field.

P.S I made one too. :p

So, around 1 april, there’s an event that gave the player a cube. The cube contains every solmiki weapons and secondary equipment (pistol, shield, knife, etc). The thing is, those are fake, as the weapon almost didn’t increase any stats at all. However, it’s fun to see your character wearing those “almost unobtainable” stuff. I think it’s a good event, to be honest.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done some PvP. Recently I made an Inquisitor, with the paths focused for PvP. Surprisingly, I managed to earn the 2nd place in this week even though my character is still on level 262.

Just realized that there’s not many people that run Earth Tower in our server. So I checked the kill count for each bosses to find out something. It surprises me that I managed to be the top boss killer rank for all 5F, 10F, 15F, and 20F. I’m not doing 21F and beyond so it’s crystal clear that it’s not me that’s on the top boss kill rank.

I’ve become the Guild Master of Annihilate Guild, because the previous master is retired. The truth is, I’m hesitant on becoming the Guild Master, because I had a lot of stuff to worry about. However, I took the role nevertheless. A Guild Master is needed for Annihilate to keep functioning decently as a guild, and I’m still love this guild, so yeah. 🙂

We’re trying a guild raid this time. I’m happy that many are participating. However, the raid design is really horrible. The 3rd boss have around 275 mil HP, and we need to defeat him under 3 or 4 minutes! Even Solmiki 40F boss HP are just around 60 mil. What the heck IMC?

Yes I know, we’re going with more than 5 people, not like Solmiki where you’re stuck with just 5 people in a party. However, considering that fact, this means that to finish this stage, we need 5 or more 5-man party that’s able to tackle solmiki 40F content (not at all I think, perhaps we can go with less than that, considering several job can cover 2 or more party altogether) and that’s just… wew.

Now we’re trying the Guild Boss Raid. Unlike the previous Guild Raid, Guild Boss Raid are a raid that’s consist boss only that we need to kill, while the Guild Raid are consist of several stages to complete.

The thing is, a bug occured that make the boss raid appeared in the normal map instead, rather than on a parallel map. This make everyone can attack the boss. However, the drop is still sent to my guild XP.

Another Guild Boss Raid test. This time we done it correctly and no bugs occurred.

I’m ranked number 1 in the Team Battle League 5v5 for this week! Now I own both rank 1 statues for one week. 🙂

Wedding Pop-Up Book compilation.

Waiting for a guild raid to start. Looks like we’re going to have a Penguin race.

Just some stuff we do when we met up at Klaipeda.

A new patch just hit us. We got several stuff along with Card Album updates. The Card Album can summon boss when used, and the boss is dropping cards when killed. Thus we’re gathering together to use the album. The rest of the picture is the usual stuff we done after fighting a lot of bosses from the album.

After a long month of event, it appears that I won the Halloween event. The reward is a Solmiki Box where you can get a Solmiki equipment of your choice. I took the staff, of course.

It’s been a long time since the release of Earth Tower – Solmiki Area. However, this is the first time I clear the 40f of it. The team consist of random team just formed for the sake of an old retired player that just return and want to see what have changed in the game.

Rank 9 patch just hit us. I’ve got to 360 on my 2nd day of the patch. However, thought I’m already at the max level, the class level is just 13. The curve is way too high in this patch.

Another photo-shot we took after opening several Monster Album. Some members are already went to sleep, so we just took the shot with all that’s left.

A long streak of me topping the Team Battle League (Ranked PvP) in both server of my country. The missing week is the one where I got rank 2. It’s a close one since the rank is decided on one last match, and I can’t participate on due to the crap system IMC developed. I heard they fix it on the Rank 9 patch. Let’s hope that everything is getting better.