Tree of Savior Sanctuary

Tree of Savior is an MMORPG developed by IMC Games. It got released in my country around mid-2016, and I began to play it since then. The game has it’s potential in many aspects, but it’s still far from perfect. I’d like to see a time where the game became another legend as it’s deemed as the spiritual successor of Ragnarok Online, an MMORPG that became a legend on its own.

This page is meant to be a place where I put my progress on the game, whether it’s a screenshot or a video format; also several useful links for fellow Tree of Savior players.

I’m playing the game on Zemyna only, an Indonesian server, under the lodge Jabberwock.

Part 1.
Part 2.

This pic is taken at the end of CBT 2 on Indonesian server. It is taken together with players that accompany me during the 3 days of CBT 2.

In the earlier patch, where there’s no quest above Alemeth forest map, these two bosses can get freeze status. Haven’t tried this again, but they should be fixed in the newer patch.

First time seeing a Lifeline skill in action. Look at those amazing stats.

The map says it all. I’m heading to a Final Battle Field map. Is this the end of my journey?

Spoiler: No. The maximum level of this patch is 280, and it’s still a long way to go since I just hit 206 at that time. The main quest, however, does stop at this point on this patch. Although there’s several side quest available in some higher level maps.

The first guild on the server, also the first guild on the entire Indonesian server (there’s two of them, Laima and Zemyna). Your job should be a templar if you want to create a guild. Templar is a rank 7 class, and you’d hit rank 7 class normally around level 223-225. Looks like I’m not that far left behind from the top level player.

This boss is rumored to be able to drop Petamion recipe. A good necklace for almost every build. The best thing of Petamion is that it can be upgraded into Max Petamion, which is considered to be the best necklace for almost every build, only second to Animus for magic based character in some occasion. Look at my party members pray (in the Indonesian language) in the chat box for the recipe to drop. It’s quite hilarious.

Finally, I’m hitting a rank 7 class. Maybe it’s time to take a break from the game for a while.

The first war on Zemyna.

The entire Myth team without Cat (I think). Cat is the founder of Myth, the first guild on Zemyna.

Got a Hair Accessory with weird statuses.

People’s are getting 280, and I’m still 262!?

I joined a guild called MILF around this time. I know the guild master as we’ve done some grinding together. MILF is the 3rd guild ever created on Zemyna Server.

Regarding the name, yes, it’s taken from that MILF, if you know what I meant. The guild master told me that the name is ridiculous, but that’s what the other founder suggest, and they ended up accepting it and used it for real. What the hell.

A swarm of magical Hohen.

Finally, I’m reaching level 280, the max level on this patch. I’m quite satisfied with this. Maybe it’s time to get some rest from the game.

Earth Tower introduction.

Because I’ve reached the maximum level on this patch, I start to hang with my friend again. I play with them since the beginning of the game, but due my playtime is much higher than them, I ended up over-level-ed and had to leave them so I can continue my progress.

Those two in the picture are player TestLab and player konakonabona. This picture is taken when we’re going to kill a gimmick boss called Kubas. We’re waiting for our other friends to arrive. The boss is summoned by interacting with that object named “Mesin teka-teki”.

The last MILF meeting. MILF is disbanded around 3 or 4 days later, due many of the founder members has some real life issue to be taken care of.

4 Elelocks in a party. Elelock sure is a popular build at that time due its skill roster contains a lot of strong AoE spells, and nothing can contest it for damage, except for single target focused DPS.

I went on trying several gimmicks on some fields with TestLab. Found this one gimmick where my character is covered by blaze-like darkness. I took a screenshot just because it looks cool. Not sure how to trigger this, and never attempted it again lol.

New patch arrive! No new level cap yet. This patch just added new quests to several high-level maps. Found this new circle that’s not here before the patch. It’s related to some quest found on the map. However, I think it’s a perfect place to strike a pose and take a screenshot 🙂

After the MILF disbanded. I became guildless for several days. A friend of mine then made a Templar, and he creates a guild that consists of our colleagues, and I joined them eventually. The guild is named ToS-Iseng-Lolwut, where “iseng” here emphasize a meaning that we’re doing this because we have some time to waste.

Rune of Giant.

A Dullahan hunts #1.

My first time participates in 280 WB (World Bosses) hunt.

A Dullahan hunts #2.

And the cult started. I start actively hunt Dullahan since the fated day. And this day is just one of that days.

Helgasercle. Another sighting of 280 WB.

Got the title “Strong-willed Adventurer“.

I became rank 3 in Adventure  Journal Rank in the Zemyna server.

A Dullahan hunts #3. And a visual bug.

Someone (actually, a player with lodge Duchesse) is overtaken my rank. Now I’m ranked 4 in the Zemyna. Well, I shouldn’t let this slide, shan’t I. After a few hours finding material to craft, and doing this and that to increase my point; I finally tied up with Duchesse in term of points. However, I’m still ranked 4! Oh well, let’s just take a point from somewhere and call it a day.

A Dullahan hunts #4.

The cult grew larger day by day. Not sure if I should feel happy or something else.

Finished crafting a Sunflower. Never knew that this staff exists. Also, it look’s cute.

Another WB 280 hunt. This time we killed Hergasercle. Look at my equipment, they’re dead red.

The cult grew weirder day by day. Now they’re just dancing circling the crystal instead of searching for souls. Well, at least they’re happy.

A new patch introduces a Guild versus Guild system, abbreviated GvG. I left ToS-Iseng-Lolwut guild and joined Annihilate guild instead to participate in a competitive GvG.

The Annihilate Guild after GvG. We took a picture celebrating our winning today.

Got a nice number as my Adventure Journal points. A bit late to take a screenshot that the actual number in the Adventure Journal Rank is already updated. However, the one on my Adventure Journal (the left one) hasn’t updated yet. It’s 666666.

A Dullahan hunts #5. The best Dullahan hunts ever.

Another picture of Annihilate that’s taken before we participate on GvG. There’s nothing special in the picture. However, I found this one has a nostalgic feeling on it, so I decided to keep it.

A Dullahan hunts #6.

The most controversial screenshot of Tree of Savior I’ve ever taken.

Now I’m ranked 2 on Adventure Journal Ranking. Need another 5k point to surpass the rank 1.

Another nice number for my Adventure Journal points. This time I captured it at the right time. It’s 69696.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of PvP due there’s nothing much to do. And on one random night, a lot of PvP players showed up on Fedimian, thus resulting into this screenshot.

My first Lolopanther equipment.

A silly bug happened when a cutscene is played. My pet appears in the cutscene. From the evidence and my experience as a programmer. I immediately realize that my character is actually there too on the screen, only made invisible. Thus I tried to confirm my guess by typing in the chat window. The result is, well, you can see for yourself. The picture reveals everything.

The highest PvP rank I can obtain. After this, the rank went down into the deepest hell and never see the sun again.

It’s been a long journey since I play this game for the first time. Finally, I’m at the top of Adventure Journal Rank.

My first (it’s the second, actually) Earth Tower 10F Cube.

Remember the party bug? It’s happened to me eventually. I step out of the party right away so there’d be no misconduct occurred.

Earth Tower 1f through 10f already feel like a joke. Look, we even do some dueling inside.

Okay, let’s stop joking. But I really forgot why we do the dueling in the first place. Pretty sure that it’s not because a bug that causes a character to stuck since we solved it by reading a book from inventory eons ago.

Some blunder happened and we’re wiped out from Earth Tower 6F. Since it’s clear that we can’t advance more than this in this run, I thought a pose won’t hurt to depict the situation.

I’m not sure if this is a visual bug or it’s really like that, but in this screenshot, Baron of Allerno is wearing a Grita costume. Pretty much sure that this NPC didn’t wear it the last time (how many months it’s been lol) I saw it. I’ll check the NPC again with my other alt later.

Meet Blut, a 330 WB. No, this is not the actual 330 WB. We can fight him from the game’s main questline, and it’s not even a challenge.

Guilds formed an alliance to fight against a bunch of cheaters.

A party member is disconnected during ET 10F run. We’re stalling times by not clearing the floor until he connected again. Let’s stare at the sky and forget any problem we have at the moment for a while. 🙂

Rank 8 patch is up. The new level cap is 330. While I’m on my way reaching 330, I met 2 of 3 new WB. Zaura and Nuale. The last one of the 3 new WB is Blut, which I already put the picture on this page.

It’s only 2 days after rank 8 patch is up, and I’ve already reached the new maximum level, 330. After playing almost non-stop for 2 straight days, suddenly I feel tired after reach the maximum level cap. I went to rest and sleeping. The picture is taken in the next day after I fully regain my energy and feel refreshed.

Found a bug where you could keep stacking the effect of Chapparition cards. The wizards are broken at this moment. As you can see at the third picture, I’ve reached 15k points of magic attack. Probably the highest magic attack recorded at the moment.

I’ve heard they’re fixed in the next major patch. Good news and a bad news at the same time indeed.

 Survival Instinct event, stage 1 – 3 cleared.

A visual bug where my character could use skill when she’s riding a companion. Most of the classes aren’t supposed to do this, my character included.

The page is become quite long. The story shall continued on Part 2.