Announcement For 2016

So, 2015 is a messy time in my work history. Lot’s of stuff happened, and I’ll announce several things regarding of that.

Cursed Wish, One For All & All For One, Breaking The Waves, Sell Phone,  Incolae Castella, are on hiatus due many of the team member need to focus on their real life for a while. I’ll give a new announcement regarding this matter around June or July. I’ll still work on it in the mean time, but I’ll focus on lesser stuff first.

Digimon World Ace, are on hiatus for undefined time. The project leader are having serious health problem and need to do some treatment for a long time. I’m not sure if the project will be continued. Still, it’s sad to lose this amazing project. T_T

The Final Boss Battle, will be hiatus until everything else is completed.

I’ll try to finish many project as I can for this years. It’s been a long time since I felt productive. In the mean time, enjoy this house of new project that I’ve made.

Srini Exterior

P.S. Don’t worry, none of them will be abandoned, as I strive to complete every project I ever took on.


One For All & All For One Remake #04

Half years already passes since the last update. I’m sorry that the progress is slow, but I’m sure that it’ll be finished early next year.

Anyway, I’ve implemented my party system to the game. I like how it looks.

Party System

Also, I’ve remake the map outside the first cave. Next is the first village. 🙂

002 - Uno Mountain


Whew, after 3 days struggling, we finished our game for Ludum Dare.

Ludum Dare 28 theme is “You Only Get One” thus give me an idea to make an item in the game, named ONE. My teammates approve it, and our 3 days of Ludum Dare begin, and it ended this morning :p

Here are the game that we put as an entry for Ludum Dare 28.

All For One & One For All


The game revolves around an item named The ONE. The ONE is an item in this game that control almost everything you do. It can be used to attack enemies and heal allies. But be careful as you use the ONE, you can exhaust it. And when you ran out of ONE, the game will be over. Dont worry, as you beat enemies the ONEs power will replenish. You cannot die normally in battle. When you die if there is still ONE left, you will be brought back to life. But as it told earlier, if you ran out of ONE the game will be over.

Though the game is finished for Ludum Dare 28, I’ll have the game updated for some graphics, sfx, and some balancing.

Credits :
Black Mage (Programmer)
midgarsormr (Game Designer)
cybersam (Input Module Script)