Oracle of Forgotten Testament released on Steam!

Ok, it’s been a month since it’s release, but I’m just too busy to make a post about it here. So here you go.

Touhou Oracle Steam.png

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Touhou – Oracle of Forgotten Testament Title Screen

My circle, Great Conspiracy Theory is participate in Comic Frontier 8. To make up for my missing since mid 2016, we’re working harder on our upcoming game, Touhou – Oracle of Forgotten Testament. Currently, there’s only 2 people involved in the development, including myself. Worry not, as my partner is quite strong in his own department. Also, the third comrade is ready to join us to bring this stuff into perfection.

Anyway, a demo made of around 3 or 4 days (yes you read that correctly, 3 or 4 days) are ready to be tested on the event. Let us hope that this project can be finished and not deserted like many other project I’ve involved with.

We’re not going to upload the demo for several weeks due to some technical reasons. I promise that I’ll try to bring the demo into public as fast as I could. Have this title screen for a while instead. 🙂

Calcu-Late on Steam!


Might be late to announce this, but oh, well. Here goes nothing.

Calcu-Late is available on steam for around 1 USD. It’s all thanks you everyone support that the game is able to go this far. 🙂

Click this to go to the steam page.

P.S. You guys might realized that I’m not too active for this recent month. Well, I’ve been occupied on playing some games and I’ll tell you guys about it later. 🙂

Happy Lunar New Year 2016

As always, I forgot and too lazy to search what year is this year. Anyway, I’ve posted too many update from last post. So on this post I’ll just announce that I’ll do a remake for an old game of mine. I’ll be finished before next month. So stay tuned. 🙂

And here’s the picture of our beloved Shula.

Shula & MonkeyP.S. Calcu-late are still needing votes from you guys on steam. I appreciate every votes you guys give. 🙂

You can vote on Calcu-late on steam by following this link :

Calcu-Late in GDG!

So, next week, on 7th november 2015, Blazing Fanfish will attend GDG, located at Telkom University, Bandung, Indonesia. They will show Calcu-Late, a game where I was involved in the production!

You can play the Calcu-Late right on Blazing Fanfish booth, or you can just buy the game at special price there, and play it at your home when you got several hours to spare. :p

See you at GDD, or Blazing Fanfish booth. Yes, I’ll be going to join the party there. 🙂

Calcu-Late’s Official Page

Calcu-Late’s Page (You can buy the game here!)

Calcu-Late in Doujin Dalam Botol (For Indonesia Region Only!)

Comic Frontier 6

Hi again guys. It’s been a month since the last post.

This month I was attending an event called Comic Frontier 6. I was too busy so that I even forgot to post something about it on this site. Lol. So, yeah. The event has ended, and this post will summarized a bit about what I’m doing there and some other stuff. 🙂

So, I’m attending the event as one of the GCT members. We’re opening a booth there, selling games and other stuff. Visitors can try the game right on the booth, and decided whether they want to buy it or not. Yes, we’re a very generous person to let you play even for several hours or until you beat the game :p

Here’s a shoot of our booth several hours before the event ended. Yes, some of the stuff is already sold out.

Comifuro 6Photo Credit : Comic Frontier 6 Cameraman

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Incolae Castella #2

Update! For Incolae Castella.

Well, first off. I’d like to announce that we’re cutting 3 characters from the game. It’s due the rules of IGMC where the judge are only obligated to play the game around 1 hours, and we’re sure that if there’s 6 characters to play, not all feature from our game would be explored, so we need to limit our-self.

But don’t worry. Those 3 character will surely get developed once IGMC finished. We’ve been making their gameplay and things related to them, so it’ll be a waste if we’re just throwing them away.

And that’s for the bad news. Let’s jump in for the real update.

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